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Innovation for Underdogs: How to Make the Leap from What If to Now What (Career Press; 2008)

Charles Manson Now (Cogito Media Group; 2010)


“Lululemon’s Cult Culture: Get Fit or Die Trying” (Huffington Post; August, 2013)

“Short-Shaming: Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret” (Huffington Post; October, 2013)

“The SWAG Effect: Disordered Eating’s Deadliest Myth” (Huffington Post; December, 2013)

*Anthologized in Eating Disorders (Issues That Concern You) (Greenhaven Press; 2014)

“Get Fit: Ditch the Fancy Pants” (Huffington Post; January, 2014)

“The Fallout: Olympic Figure Skating’s Love Affair With Little Girls” (Huffington Post; February, 2014)

“Instead of Taking Back the Phrase #LikeAGirl, Let’s Tell Our Girls to Run #LikeAWoman” (Bustle; March, 2015)

“Dear female athletes: Please don’t follow Tara Lipinski’s 1,200-calorie diet” (PhillyVoice; July, 2015)

“Why are women the keepers of Hollywood’s diet ‘secrets’?” (PhillyVoice; July, 2015)

“Is sexualizing Serena Williams the best way to defend her womanhood?” (PhillyVoice; July, 2015)

“#Bodycheck yourself, wreck yourself: Why Instagram wants you to hate yourself” (PhillyVoice; July, 2015)

“Why the Louisiana Theater Shooting Should Be Called a Hate Crime” (Huffington Post; July, 2015)

“Obsessed with baby bodies: Why we project our body shame onto babies” (PhillyVoice, July, 2015)

“Lena Dunham knows fitness works best when you #moveforyourmind”  (PhillyVoice; August, 2015)

“Kiran Gandhi’s marathon menstruation was a smashing success” (PhillyVoice; August, 2015)

“The 10,000 Calorie Challenge: Is competitive eating’s spectacle becoming mainstream?” (PhillyVoice; August, 2015)

“Are fitness transformations a form of fat shaming?”  (PhillyVoice; August, 2015)

“High heels are deathtraps, not a rite of passage: Why we need to #freethefeet” (PhillyVoice; September, 2015)

“Is Soylent for people or cyborgs?” (PhillyVoice; September, 2015)

“Is Philadelphia ready for a naked 5K race?” (PhillyVoice; September, 2015)

“Forget New Year’s resolutions: Why October’s the best month to start running” (PhillyVoice; October, 2015)

“The ‘phubbing’ conundrum: How your smartphone habits could break – or make – your relationship” (PhillyVoice; October, 2015)

“‘Mukbang’ eating broadcasts destigmatize eating solo” (PhillyVoice; November, 2015)

“Mature Models Are Beautiful Because Of Their Age, Not In Spite Of It” (Huffington Post; November, 2015)

“Capsule wardrobes are the future of feminist fashion” (PhillyVoice; December, 2015)

“Bela Shehu talks personal style & why she hates fast fashion” (PhillyVoice; January, 2016)

“Role models over runway models: Why designer Carrie Hammer is shaking up fashion week” (PhillyVoice; February, 2016)

“Writer Paul Lisicky reflects on love, friendship, and Philadelphia’s place inside the ‘The Narrow Door'” (PhillyVoice; February, 2016)

“Bucks native, a yoga star on Instagram, tells newbies to take it slow” (PhillyVoice; February, 2016)

“Body positive burlesque dancer, Lillian Bustle, inspires women to say ‘yes’ to their bodies” (PhillyVoice; April, 2016)

“Mental strength coach Cara Bradley’s advice to Broad Street runners: ‘Be open to possibility'”(PhillyVoice; April 2016)

“Philly runners get fit, stay safe in summer heat with heart rate training” (PhillyVoice; July 2016)

“Thanks to Pokémon Go, my mom will finally exercise with me” (PhillyVoice; August 2016)

“The adventures of wearing my underwear to the beach” (PhillyVoice; September 2016)

“Please don’t freak out about cat scratch disease” (PhillyVoice; September 2016)

“What happened when I went for a run in my I’M WITH HER shirt after the election” (Medium, Huffington Post; November 2016)

“What it’s like to survive an exercise addiction” (PhillyVoice; November 2016)

“Meet the women of the #BellyJelly body positivity movement” (PhillyVoice; November 2016)

“Why I’m building my political wardrobe” (Medium, Huffington Post; March 2017)

“Lauren Grodstein’s ‘Our Short History’ is the novel America needs right now” (PhillyVoice; April 2017)



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