Moby’s Magical Yoga Music

My brain chemistry is such that I require constant sensory stimulation. I suspect I have dismally low dopamine, because I can’t do anything unless I’m simultaneously receiving some enjoyable incentive. Music is one of my greatest utilitarian pleasures. I listen to music constantly, from the time I wake up, to the time I go to sleep and in my dreams. Music takes me places. It gets me out of bed, to the grocery store, from aisle to aisle. It’s a portal to the past, a shuttle to the future, a means to move in place on elliptical machines.

Allison keeps a cool record of new workout music she delves into each Wednesday, so I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites in this vein. I owe basically all of my physical activity to sound, so it should be an important component of my running blog.

“I decided about six months ago that I never want to be good at yoga.” – Moby

I’ve been a Moby fan forever, but I love him even more lately, for his philosophy on yoga and meditation, his animal rights activism, and his outspokenness against the orange menace.

Last year, Moby released 4 hours of ambient yoga and meditation music. No vocals, little variation, just elemental, repetitive vibes that are perfectly tuned to yogic breathing. I’d listened to the recording a bit before, but I wasn’t ready to make a serious investment until yesterday’s 90-minute yoga practice.

It sounds so lululemony to throw my hands up and say, “Oh. My. Gosh! This [insert whatever New Age experience here] totally changed my life!” but that’s exactly what this music did for me. I was sucked in from the second I hit my mat. The vibes reached inside and allowed me to breathe deeply for the first time in years. The sound is a gentle massage for the lungs.

Here is some additional information you may or may not want to hear but I am compelled to share: Moby’s ambients nearly alleviated my menstrual cramps, which are always excruciating and sometimes cause me to faint. My anecdotal verdict: this music is magic.

I’ve only listened to the first few tracks (each track is 20-35 minutes long), but I’m looking forward to the rest. I may actually try it the next time I have an anxiety surge on the ARC trainer, even though I’d typically listen to someone like Migos on a cardio machine.

One of my favorite Moby songs is “My Weakness.” I listened to it for an hour and forty minutes on loop the first time I ran The Broad Street Run. If you’re a runner who needs a good cry, please watch this unofficial Moby music video:

If you’re looking for great Moby running music, Play & Play: B Sides, Everything Is Wrong, and Innocents are fantastic albums for long, easy days. They never, ever get old.

Questions for the Internets:

What have you been listening to lately?

Do you ever listen to one song on loop while running or working out?

What’s your favorite soothing music?




Add yours →

  1. “God moving over the face of the waters” is one of my all time favorite songs. Thanks so much for sharing the Long Ambients, I had no idea that existed and will definitely check it out. I also love listening to Sia while I’m running and “Unstoppable” is my play on repeat when it hurts song


  2. Hi Liz, I know its been a while since your post. But I just want to say “Thank You” for the Moby links and music info. Had one of those days today, and it was nice to lay back, listen, and relax.
    Thank you, Konrad


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