What’s Next? (New Running Goals)

I have a lot of running thoughts running through my head, so I figured I would take a minute (or 15) to write them down. Since setting a new 10 mile PR (1:08:13) at the Broad Street Run last week and a new 5K PR (19:50) at a local 5K race the week before, I’ve accomplished all the running goals I set for 2016. It’s only May, so now I need more goals. Here are 5:

  1. Race a 5K at least 2x/month. I slacked on racing this past winter because the weather was miserable and so was I. Now that it’s summer, and I literally live within warmup jogging distance of a 5K race just about every weekend, there is no excuse not to race as much as possible, especially since racing is the only way I’m motivated to do speed workouts. I’d like to continue to chip away at my 5K time. I think I can probably get it down to 19:30ish this summer.
  2. Reach 60 mile training weeks by September. This is doable. I am a big believer in slooowly increasing mileage in order to stay healthy and injury-free. Could I increase my mileage more quickly and still stay healthy and injury-free? Probably. But I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m at 50 miles/week right now (I ran about 47.5 the week after Broad Street), so I’m in good shape to take baby steps over the summer.
  3. Reach 200 monthly miles in May. This goes along with increasing weekly mileage. I’ve come very close to 200 monthly miles before (I think 194 miles is my monthly record) and I believe this is the month I’ll finally hit the 200 mark.
  4. Keep a weekly long run at a minimum of 10 miles. Because I like to run a decent amount every day (at least 7 miles), I don’t tend to do a real “long” run. I hadn’t run 10 consecutive miles in the few weeks before this year’s Broad Street, and I know that really hurt me in the last three miles of the race. I need to commit to at least one 10 miler a week, which will hopefully increase to a 12/13 miler by the end of summer.
  5. Be consistent about core strength. I’ve been slacking on my core routine lately, too. I need to get back to working on core at least 2x/week.


Questions for the Internets:

What are your summer running goals?

What’s your favorite time of day to run? (Mine is sunset. ^^^)




Add yours →

  1. My summer running goal is just to take advantage of the humidity (and the strength it builds in my lungs) and stay injury-free. I haven’t figured out the secret to running fast, but I know the way to run slowly is have to rebuild from an injury. I do plan to race most weeks to keep my tempo run/speed in there but also do intervals mid-week. I don’t have any time or goals to PR because it’s just too hot for that here, so I’ll probably target that in the Fall.

    I like your goals and they sound great. I feel like a 10 mile long run each week is a good one, as I shoot for that (didn’t get it last week thanks to 2 races, but I ran 9 total with my 10K, so I got close). I find that keeping my long runs in even if I’m not training for something longer helps me in the final mile of ANY race. You just can’t beat the endurance a long run gives.

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    • You’re right – I think keeping that long run up will seriously help me in the 5K! I embrace the summer heat and humidity, too. It toughens you up, and something about sweaty summer running is much more cathartic.


  2. Hey liz, your doing great out there,and improving.
    I wanna ask what is your favorite speed work. I’m trying so many
    I do track work but it hard to motivate me for that , so I do tempo runs. Repeat miles, fartlek, ECT.
    So I thought I’d ask you. And what you like to do for speed work.
    I try to average about 6 miles a day plus one long run.
    Keep up the good work.
    You racing anything in May or June.
    Happy running Liz.

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    • Thanks, Jamie! Right now, I just like to throw in speed when I have the extra energy. Sometimes I do 1-3 mile repeats at 5-10K pace on the roads. Sometimes I’ll run a 10K tempo/hill workout at a 7:45-ish pace. I just do what I can when I feel like it. I think it’s best to listen to your body.


  3. Good point on listing to your body,
    I forget to do that now and then

    One thing I forget a lot is when I’m trying to be up there with the top runners,most of them are 25 years younger than me. And been running longer than me..so yes I will listen to my body,glad you pointed that out.alwys nice to get new ideas..
    Happy running Liz.


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