Tiux Compression Socks 10% off Coupon

Happy Thursday! This week has been extremely busy for me with work. We also had a major storm Tuesday that caused a lot of damage and left many people without power. (My favorite grocery store got hit by lightening and is closed, indefinitely, so I am really glad I stocked up on ice cream beforehand.)

Today, I received a 10% off referral link from Tiux compression socks, which I want to share with you. Tiux makes my favorite brand of compression socks. They are medical grade, graduated, extra cushioned, and don’t induce the dreaded “muffin top” effect above your calves.

I like a man who’s not afraid to wear pink compression socks.

I wear mine around the house a lot. Since I’m a freelance writer, whenever I’m not running or practicing yoga, I’m sitting on my butt. Compression socks are a great way to increase your circulation to promote healing and recovery when you’re bumming around. (They offer great support when you’re running, too!)

Training in my Tiux socks
Training in my Tiux socks

Tiux socks are ordinarily $35, which is already way cheaper than other popular, premium brands. With the 10% discount, you save an additional $3.50 (shipping is free!), plus, when you visit the Tiux site, you can submit your email to receive even more discounts and enter drawings to win free socks. (This discount is good until July 31, 2015.)

The best part about Tiux is its charitable business model. Tiux donates 1% of its revenue to the MAG (Mines Advisory Group), which works to protect and support people affected by landmines and other weapons/explosives left in war torn regions of the world.

If you’re interested in my full review of Tiux compression socks, you can check it out here. Do let me know if you grab a pair!



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  1. Never tried this brand before – but they are so cute! Definitely need to check them out! Yours look great!!


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