Haddon Glen Swim Club 5K Race Recap (21:04)

Most of the time, I make last minute plans to race 5Ks since there are so many to choose from and you can sign up day-of. This race is special, though, since a few of my extended family members run it each year. I’ve had the Haddon Glen 5K on my race calendar since March.

This morning, Chris and I were joined by my dear friend of 20+ years, Jonathan. Jon and I used to be ice dancing partners, so we like to reminisce whenever we get the chance to run together. Today, we laughed a lot about our skating summer camp days. Back then, our off ice trainers used to make us run laps around the rink and we hated it. Now, running is fun!

(Our dance holds are a little rusty.)

I felt pretty terrible during my warm-up (1 mile). My legs always feel heavy whenever I expect them to run fast but today they were noticeably more reluctant.

Chris ran behind me and took a creeper photo.

Toeing the starting line, I noticed several other girls who looked fit and ready to throw down a fast race. You really cannot tell who is going to run fast by looks alone, though. I had a split second to think “This will be interesting” before we took off.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.49.27 PM

I got elbowed in the ribs pretty hard by a (very determined) fellow female racer at the start. She sprinted out ahead of me but stayed within reach after her initial surge. Chris passed me at about .25 miles. When I saw him catch up with the leading female, I started to believe I could win the women’s race. I hit my first split in 6:24 and passed Chris and the girl seconds later. She was breathing really hard so I figured she went out too fast. I could hear her panting behind me for a minute or so more and then it was just me and the birds chirping.

There was a turn-around at the almost-two mile mark. The leading guys gave me thumbs up and offered words of encouragement on their way back from the turn-around, which was really nice. I gave Chris a thumbs up when I ran past him going the opposite direction. I hit my second split in 6:54.

My last mile felt pretty comfortable, so I think I got a little lazy. I had about a 90 second lead in the women’s race, so I kind of just coasted to the finish line. The race timing guys and a few spectators were cheering “Yeah! First woman!” which made me smile. I finished in 21:04, which is 7 seconds off my PR. Not too shabby. In 90% humidity, I’ll take it!


I jogged a mile cool down afterwards. I probably should have run longer/farther but I didn’t want to miss the awards. I received a really unique looking trophy and 5 crisp $20 bills for winning the women’s race! (I’ve already spent half of my prize money on food.)

I was so proud of Chris and Jon for sweeping 1st and 2nd in their age category. They each won a medal, so it was a great day for everyone all around!

Here is some finish line footage!


Did you race this weekend? How did it go?!



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  1. Hey congrats on your win! You’re cleaning up on the local 5k circuit! I ran the Wissahickon Trail classic yesterday and came in 39th overall but not even close to cracking my age group. It’s hard being in my thirties now – so many talented dudes in the area.


  2. It is so awesome that so many races there give MONEY as a prize! I did race yesterday, and the race I ran did give money to the top 3 ladies but of course I was WAAAAAY away from that, top 3 were all under 20 and the times this year were actually slower. I can’t say that I’ve ever won cash but that is the best prize because you can buy food and things you really need. Plus signing up for races and travelling to them (gas!) can get pricey so it’s neat to win something you can use and money always is. The trophy is a fun memento for when the cash is spent!

    You ran really good splits and it had to be cool having people cheer for you toward the end- it was neat you were able to let up a little. Plus it’s great you got to share the race with so many other friends :).

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    • Cash is the best! It always inevitably goes towards food or running shoes. 🙂 Thank you! It makes such a big difference to receive encouragement from spectators and other runners. And I am super fortunate to have such a great circle of running friends! I’m glad you got to race this weekend. Hopefully all this summer racing will turn us into speed demons by fall. 😄


  3. What a sweet win and I’m glad you ended up getting sweet prize money. You can pay diner date next time (I kid of course LOL).

    Nice work today and hopefully we are reunited again racing soon. I’m always so impressed with how quickly you are able to write up your race reports LOL.

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  4. Ice dancing partners?! That is so cool!!! And even cooler on being the first female!! Awesome!!


  5. Congrats!! That is awesome!

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  6. I just adore your 5K races!! It’s so fun to read about yours because you win them, or get damn close to winning!! If I were fast I would totally run more 5K’s too!! That prize money is fantastic! Awesome job, and way to show that elbow girl who’s boss. Not cool.

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  7. Awesome race! Looks like that PR isn’t going to last too much longer…


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