Starting Point Codependency 5K Recap (21:34)

Happy Sunday! Today I ran the Starting Point Codependency 5K. I wanted to get a 5K speed workout in this weekend, since it’s been three weeks since my last race. Just a few weeks ago, there was a local 5K drought with barely any races to choose from. Now that it’s spring, there are at least five or six races I could run any given weekend. When choosing a race, I like to consider the weather forecast, location, start time (I love to sleep in!), and, of course, prize offerings. I received a flyer for the Codependency 5K at the Haddonfield Adrenaline Run. My interest was piqued as soon as I saw the prize money awards for top 3 males/females. Prize money = new running gear. Sign me up.

Racing experiment: I am a notorious insomniac, or, rather: I am a happy night owl. I like to keep late working hours and I often don’t go to bed until 4AM. This schedule is an absolute nightmare when it comes to waking up at 7AM for a race. So Friday I decided to drink only decaffeinated coffee in an effort to coerce myself into falling asleep before midnight. Long story short: caffeine deprivation left me hazy and almost sick feeling (like I had the flu) and, come midnight, I was more tired than I usually am at that hour, but I still did not fall asleep until 4AM. I woke up feeling pretty terrible – shaky, dizzy, groggy, and nauseous – so I made myself an extra strong caramel macchiato and gave myself permission to treat today’s race as a workout that might potentially yield a little extra pocket money.

In lieu of Nelly’s recent brush with the law, Chris and I decided to listen to Nelly throwbacks during the drive over to the race. We had a lot of fun and, by the time we arrived at the Cooper River, I felt a little more relaxed and energized. Chris brought along his nice camera to take some action shots of me. It was kind of embarrassing. 🙂 With my race registration, I received a really nice green t-shirt and a goody bag. The goody bag had a chip clip inside it and, honestly, I was more excited about that than anything else, since I eat a lot of chips.

Run a mile, for the cause; I’m righteous above the law.

I did a brief warm up. My legs felt like lead. The starting line was about .5 miles from the registration table and, while a bunch of super peppy runners jogged to the start, I kind of just puttered along behind them.

Not moving until I have to

The race got off to a quick start. I ran with the lead pack of men and one other woman at about a 6:00 pace for the first few minutes. After going back and forth a few times with the other leading woman (a 16-year-old), we both realized she was faster so she pulled ahead. That’s when things started to get lonely. I ran by myself for the last two miles (there were 1 & 2 mile clocks on the course which was so nice). I felt good physically, but I was struggling mentally to keep pushing myself without any competition. Since this course ran a paved jogging path around the river, there were lots of other runners, and walkers, and dogs to dodge. It was really tempting to slow down while passing people running at a leisurely pace. (I probably did slow down somewhat.)

Thoughts while running the Codependency 5K:

“I wish I was doing an easy long run right now.”

“Is that dog on a leash?”

“That dog is not on a leash.”

“Is that dog going to eat me?”

“I know I’m going to throw up.”

“I wonder when I’m going to throw up.”

“I should have taken off my necklace.”

“I should have taken off my bracelet.”

“I can’t wait to go back to bed.”

“Ladies, I know you can hear me struggling to stay alive. It’s pretty obvious there’s a race going on. Would it kill you to move over so I can get by?”

“I wonder how much energy it wastes to say, “Excuse me?”

“Probably more than it takes to just elbow people out of the way.”

“I’m totally willing to elbow someone.”

“There is a slight headwind. I would probably be running 5 minute miles without this headwind.” 

All in all, I raced an ok 5K. My finish time was 21:34, which is 22 seconds slower than my 5K PR. My Garmin detected a slightly long course (3.17 miles), so this might factor into why I didn’t run a faster time. It’s hard to push yourself when there is literally no competition in eyesight. I think I did an alright job racing myself (and my Garmin). I puked something ungodly at the finish line.

The cranial vein says everything.

Here are my splits:

I finished 9th place overall and second female overall. For that, I got to take home this sweet trophy and a check for $100!

Literally, I’m going to spend it all on coffee and nail polish.

After I visit the bank, I will probably reward myself at Target. I felt really, really ill for a few hours after this race, but I think I am starting to feel back to normal, which means food.

Questions for the Internets:

Have you ever won a cash prize at a race?

What do you think about while you’re racing?

Do your legs ever feel dead before a race?



Add yours →

  1. Congratulations on your time (while not a PR it is an excellent time for a long course with obstacles like non-racers and dog walkers) AND on your *cash prize*. You rocked it out and placed well too, totally worth the puking at the finish to win some money for more running clothes or race entry fees :). And yeah, like you I would be peeved at people not moving over with a race going on (if it were me I would stop and cheer on all the runners but I guess that’s a runner thing and can’t expect that from everyone). Hopefully you got some much-needed sleep and R&R afterwards too.

    I’ve never won cash at a race. Very few around here offer money, and the ones that do are so well known that they draw speedsters from around the state and even surrounding states. Honestly, for me to win money at one of the local races that’s for money, I’d have to drop to around a 17-18 minute 5K and my PR is in the 21s so yeah. Not happenin’ anytime soon, if ever.


    • Thank you, Amy! Yes, the puking was totally worth the prize! I won cash at one other race a couple of years ago, but, you’re right, cash prize races are few and far between and usually attract all the speedsters within a 20 mile radius! Honestly, though, I’ll pretty much run any race just for the free t-shirt. That is incentive enough for me. 😉


  2. I’m so glad you won money!! That makes the suffering worth it sometimes. I hope you are feeling better & I can’t wait to see photos of the nail polish on Instagram!!!


  3. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA April 13, 2015 — 5:56 pm

    5 or 6 races.! that’s awesome. If I lived in a bigger city then I would have that option..and if I didn’t work Saturdays, thanks to that I only ever have a few races to choose from.
    but, you fall asleep at 4am.!!?! that’s crazy. I wake up at that time sometimes to run. lol
    Good job on the race.! and not elbowing anyone. I hate when people don’t move over for people who are racing.
    Way to win a cash prize.!! woo I love Target too.


  4. AHH are these the spanky shorts you talked about a few posts back? Cause you are ROCKIN them. Way to kick serious ass, and the puking my God you are a beast!


    • Thank you, Brittany! Those are actually a pair of Under Armour shorts. My spankies didn’t arrive until today so they will have to wait until my next race! They’re a lot skimpier (believe it or not) so I’m sure it will be interesting to wear them out in public for the first time!


  5. Congrats on earning that prize money. I have raced several races with no one in any sight and it stinks. My most distinct memories come from a couple of very small half marathons. I ran at least 10 miles of each by myself and was at some points I didn’t know if I was going the correct way!


    • Thank you, Hollie! It really does stink to race by yourself; I cannot imagine going for ten miles like that! This course was just a loop around the river, but the end jumped off the paved path and finished on the track. It was really confusing because they didn’t have a course marshal guiding people. A lot of people missed the turn and I felt so bad for them!


  6. Hi there nice race you ran.
    Not sure what I think about when I run.
    Mostly trying to stay positive about my race .
    Sometimes my legs feel dead befor a race. But I do a little warm up to try and loosen them..
    Happy running.


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