Friday Favorites! (April 10th Edition)

This week I’ve been extremely busy with work and staying up until 6 in the morning to meltdown over the book I’m editing. So I am going to cut straight to the chase about everything that’s been keeping me content and (relatively) sane lately.

What I’m reading: Walden. This is a re-read for me, but I just ordered a new copy and I’m really stoked to receive it in the mail. Partially because it’s, like, the only memoir in existence to exceed my own memoir’s current word count. Also because I like to occasionally disconnect from the matrix (Twitter, Instagram) and read about trees.

What I’m listening to: Logic’s Under Pressure. This album is just about as perfect as it gets. I’ve been running, gymming, and exercising my abdominals to it on loop. Favorite tracks: “Buried Alive,” “Gang Related,” “Under Pressure”

I like Death Cab for Cutie’s Kintsugi, though I am not totally, utterly blown away. It’s great running music, which is a given considering Ben Gibbard is a prolific ultra runner. Favorite tracks: “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive,” “Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)”

I couldn’t find a picture of Ben Gibbard running, so here is a picture of Flea running. On being beaten by Flea in the 2012 L.A. Marathon, Ben Gibbard was quoted as saying: “He got me by about four minutes… I don’t think we should underestimate what good shape Flea is in.”

I saw Sufjan Stevens at the Academy of Music on Thursday.

I really don’t have words to say how wonderful this show was. Sufjan has been on my concert bucket list for the last ten years and it finally worked out that I got to see him touring to promote (what I feel) is his best album ever. He pretty much played Carrie & Lowell in its entirely, albeit out of order. Seeing “Fourth of July” rearranged by a live band is an experience I will never forget. I lost my shit and cried through “John Wayne Gacy Jr.” I wasn’t really expecting he would play it on this tour, but he saved it for second to last. I listened to this song on loop through the middle of many, many endless nights while writing a book about Charles Mason, and simultaneously dealing with illness, and grief, and moving, and grad school. It means more to me than any other song ever written.

What I’ve been watching: Your Sister’s Sister. I love me a good Mark Duplass movie. This one is good, but totally silly at times. The end really peeved me. If you’re in your late twenties/thirties and worried that all of life’s immature relationship drama is past you, watch this film and restore your faith: no one ever grows up.

I’m about halfway through Nymphomaniac: Vol. 11. I love Lars von Trier, but there comes a point in each of his films where I have to stop watching so I don’t vomit. I’ll wait a few days before I pick this one up again, but it’s thoroughly engaging, so far.

What I’ve been drinking: Saxbys coffee! I broke from work Tuesday afternoon for a much needed coffee break with my friend Hollie, aka FueledByLOLZ. I have been meaning to try out Saxbys coffee forever. This South Jersey location is really cozy inside with lots of comfy chairs and beautiful, rustic wood tables. The staff was extremely friendly and the milk/creamer/sweetener station was exceptionally clean and well-stocked. I got a large iced coffee with cream and sugar and it really hit the spot. I think if we weren’t literally always busy running around, Hollie and I could talk for 10 hours uninterrupted.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.35.56 PM
We Instagramed our coffee date so you know it actually happened.

Questions for the Internets:

Are you looking forward to any exciting concerts/shows?

Who is your favorite celebrity runner?

What’s your favorite song of all time?



Add yours →

  1. And we need to talk for ten hours interrupted. I cannot wait to see you again and hopefully chat more!

    I’m sorry about all of the book stuff. It seems like it’s been a really hard time lately and I honestly cannot even imagine!


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