Today I ran beneath the bluest sky.

I had a glorious mid-week “long run” today.


This past winter was just the worst. After a historically cold February, New Jersey got hit with a lot of early March snow. Now, finally, it is starting to feel like spring!


I ran four easy miles yesterday. It was 60 degrees! I logged eight semi-fast miles today. It was only about 48 degrees and significantly windy, but there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, which was so blue I giggled.

LOOK at this sky!
LOOK at this sky!

I don’t think I realized the full extent of my wintery misery until these last several days of mild, sunny weather. I’ve been positively giddy anticipating summer running. I’m ready for more melanin and Vitamin D!


Le sigh. Let’s just say I can feel the SAD start to fade away. I think I’ll have kicked the last of it by the time the lingering snow melts (there are still a few 10 feet high snowplow piles remaining). Cheers to fair weather!

It’s so sunny; I even grew a few inches!

Questions for the Internets:

Which spring/summer races are you looking forward to?

Did you get to enjoy the weather this week?

What’s your favorite warm weather running destination? (mine are Ocean City, NJ; Marco Island, Florida; and the track on just about any island-bound cruise ship)



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  1. Seriously I love cruises too. I could run around them all day. I’m really glad to hear it sounds like you are back on track for running. It sounds like just a short blip in the radar.

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    • Thank you, Hollie! I think it was just a message that I need to foam roll more. I can’t get away with not doing it anymore. I’m so excited for you guys to go on your cruise! I think it will be some much needed rest and relaxation. 🙂


  2. I, too, am loving the weather this week, especially today. However, I am not a fan of the wind (sissy, I know) so I still did my run inside today. However, I cannot wait to get out there!

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