Running Through Snow and Sun With Father John Misty

Winter running is a total trip.

Here is a picture of me running yesterday (February 21):


Here is a picture of me running today (February 22):


This week brought the most eclectic winter weather mix I think I’ve ever experienced over seven days (without traveling).

Towards the beginning of the week, I was running in 0 degree temps with negative wind chills. It was painful. My face hurt the whole time. Running and non-running friends alike called me insane. I’m always first to admit I’m a little nutty, but I really enjoy running in difficult weather conditions because I believe it’s a gift to get the opportunity to challenge your determination and strengthen your resolve.

This Saturday it snowed. A lot. We must have gotten at least six inches total. I should have gotten my run started earlier in the day but I got sucked into watching men’s figure skating (Four Continents) on TV. By the time I stepped outside around 3:30 there were at least 4-5 inches of unplowed snow on the streets. It was messy. I wanted to quit a mile in because I couldn’t run faster than an 11/12 minute/mile pace. I kept going though, because at least I was moving faster than most vehicles. It took me over 36 minutes just to run three miles! Afterwards, I cross-trained for an hour on the elliptical at the gym just to get my heart rate up to an aerobic level.

Today was an entirely different story. The temperature shot up to 44 degrees which felt like spring after the winter we’ve been having. I was extremely excited to get outside and run and my enthusiasm lasted through many puddles over ten miles.

Happy Liz:


Happy Run Buddy:


Unhappy raisin feet:

What happens when you hit a huge puddle .5 miles into your 10 mile run

During today’s run I listened to Father John Misty’s new album, I Love You, Honeybear.

It’s so freaking fantastic, and it gets better with every song (which is something I look for in a good “running album.”) My favorite track is “Bored in the USA,” which you can sample here. (Do sample!)

Questions for the Internets:

What’s your favorite running weather?

What are the most challenging conditions you’ve ever run/raced in?

How warm does it have to be before you’ll run in shorts? (Anything over 40 degrees is shorts weather for me!)



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  1. I’m in shock you ran in that weather. The snow has been brutal (well the snow and ice). My feet have been rather disgusting as well from sweating on the treadmill LOL.


  2. AH that weather change!! Insane! I will run in shorts in anything over 40 too.


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